Human resources policy

“People is the key of successful – the huge property of AN QUY HUNG is human resources. Thus, we always take interest in building manager and professional staffs for the purpose of sustainable development.

Entire staffs always practice moral, belief and pride of Company. Therefore, AN QUY HUNG’s staffs aware their contribution in forming company’s culture, keep study, creative, diligent and straightforward. Human policies are continuously improved to create the best working environment for staffs.

1. Working Environment:
–     Active and professional conditions create opportunities for each personnel affirming their-self.

    –     Training courses and major seminars usually open to supplement staffs knowledge and experiences.

    –     Having attractive policy of human resources to young workforce and fresh-graduated who has good performance and moral.

2. Labor Policy:
–     44 working hours per week.

    –     Take-leave policy, holidays and others in accordance with Labor Code.

    –     Working office is clear, tidy, fully equipments and tools in order to serve work.

    –     (Staff to wear uniform at work) Uniform for AN QUY HUNG’s staff.

    –     Fully equip apparatus and safety protection for staffs who work on site where highly requires Safety at Work.

3. Salary:
–     Salary policy bases on assignment and the result of implement.

    –     After 3 months, company will consider the implement (performance) of staff to increase salary by basing on direct supervisor.

    –     Out of base salary, company has the reward policy so as to motivate work spirit of personnel.

4. Social Insurance:
–     Deduct and pay social insurance, medical insurance for worker in accordance with current Laws. Other insurances are as give-birth, employer’ liability, pension following stipulated Laws.

5. Welfare and others:
–     Signed (labor contract) staffs over 01 year be considered for purchasing stock to become Company’ shareholder.

Pay part of costs of laptops for engineers working at site.
–     Annual health check.

    –     Expenditure Support for staffs work at distance construction site.

    –     Reasonably support lunch fee and mobile-phone charge.

    –     Annual standard, AN QUY HUNG’s staffs get a travel abroad. In addition, company usually open domestic travels on occasion of holidays, New Year in order to bring the relaxation and union among departments.

    –     AN QUY HUNG’s Trade Union has responsibility to present gift to personnel on occasion of  staff’s birthday, International Women Day (March 3) and visit employee while sick, accident and funeral.

    –     End of year, family of personnel is invited to End Year Party so as to create the close-relationship between staff’s family and Company.

6. Regulations:
Entire staffs are required to implement the following regulations:

    –     Be high responsibility, internal solidarity to complete work successfully.

    –     Compliance with all assignments from senior.

    –     Be righteous with assignments and fully report. Asking senior’s advised when facing difficulties.

    –     Specialist staffs do not abuse available function to receive commission from customer in whatever forms that harm prestigious Company.

    –     Do not use title of Company for personal works. Prohibit any deceitfulness that lead to damage property and benefits of Company.

    –     Prohibit any forms in revealing information, bringing documents or providing information of Company to outside while have no the permission.

    –     Keep Company business’ secret.

    –     Do not reveal personal income.