On March 10, 2019, the Site Management Board had cooperated with the Safety Board of An Quy Hung Co., Ltd to hold a periodic training of labor safety in Nike shoes Factory – the second phase in Nam Dinh province. The program was included in two main parts: Firefighting practicing and First aid for victims.

Traditionally, An Quy Hung Co., Ltd has always focused on the application and improvement of the Quality Management as well as the Occupational Health and Safety. Thus, firefighting training and first aids are regularly performed so that the labors and workers are aware of their obligation and responsibilities in this matter at the site.

The illustrations and clear instructions from the guider and practicing work in the rehearsal had helped the employees at site understand and obtain the techniques and tactics in firefighting meanwhile they would be able to know how to use all kinds of tools and equipment proficiently as well as the first aid ways for victims if having accidents.

The training and rehearsals for Fire Fighting and First Aids had ended successfully. Almost employees in the construction site had understood the ways to perform the work correctly and timely when having problems; this will help each one be aware of his or her roles and responsibilities in Fire Fighting and First aids work then they could play their parts in the improvement of the Occupational Health system.

Some pictures of the rehearsals:





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