Groundbreaking Ceremony of workshop no. 8- 9 of Regis Co.,Ltd

The morning of November 12th, 2019 An Quy Hung Company Limited held the groundbreaking ceremony to build the factory in Van Phong Industrial Complex of Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province. This project is invested by Regis Co., Ltd.

Workshop No. 8- 9 belongs to Regis shoe project, a factory specializing in manufacturing shoes to export to the US market. The factory is located at the land lot CN1, CN2 of Van Phong IC, Van Phong Commune, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province with an area of more than 98.000 square meters. In the previous phase of 2017-2018, An Quy Hung was the general contractor to build and complete the main workshops and its sub-items. Following the success of the last phase, we have been selected to be the main contractor for this construction.

An Quy Hung Company Limited and the staff working at Regis Factory.

With its experience and professionalism in the construction of FDI industrial factories, An Quy Hung commits to build and complete the work successfully, hand – over on time with the highest standard of safety and quality.

In expectation, the Works shall be handed – over and put into operation within 7 months.







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