An Quy Hung honored the 2019 outstanding individuals

To acknowledge and commend the efforts and contributions of all officers and employees of the Company, on 18th of January 2020, An Quy Hung has celebrated a ceremony to honor the outstanding achievements of staff  who have been working hard to contribute to the overall success of the Company in 2019.

“The staff achieved title“Outstanding individual 2019”

The Year-End Party of An Quy Hung this year was organized in two parts: “Performing Arts Festival” and “Honoring the outstanding individuals of the past year “. The party was honorably welcomed by the leaders of An Quy Hung, Vinaconex, the partners, the loyal customers and all the employees of the company. On the occasion of YEP, the General  Director had reported the 2019 business – production as well as the development plan for year 2020; he also sent sincere thanks to partners and customers who have been with An Quy Hung for the past years; and sent his greetings to all partners, employees and family in a new year 2020 with health, happiness and success.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dong – the Chairman, has praised his staff for their overcoming challenges at work and their constant striving for work completion, meanwhile, he also encourages all employees in the company to continue to promote their ability, enthusiasm, and dedication to obtain the best achievement in the coming years.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dong- the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tung awarded medals, flowers and certificates to the Outstanding individuals


Finally, The Board of Directors of An Quy Hung Co., Ltd has selected 17 (seventeen) outstanding individuals of the year 2019. They are those who are from the units, departments, construction sites, in different job positions following the assessment and voting process after a hard-working year.

Names of the listed outstanding individuals:

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