An Quy Hung Company organized annual health check for all employees in the year 2020

To guarantee health to all employees in offices and construction sites, An Quy Hung Company Limited has organized periodic health checks for all staff and employees of the company.

Medical officers carried out to take blood samples for tests

With the concept of human resources as a valuable asset, the periodic health check is one of the annual welfare activities for employees, and this action is especially paid attention by An Quy Hung’s Board of Directors.

Accordingly, all employees will be taken a full range of health checks, including physical examinations, dental examinations, ENT checks, blood pressure, general ultrasound, X-rays, biochemical tests, etc… Those shall help workers understand their health situation to have early detection of diseases, since then they can make plans for timely prevention and treatment to guarantee good health for work.

Some images of the annual health checks for the staff of An Quy Hung office:

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