At An Quy Hung, we proactive work to realize prosperity in harmony with nature and open up a brighter future. We have joined and performed critical work for thermal power plant projects in Vietnam and has been expanding more in this business sector. We maintain our own workforce and extensive equipment fleet, this enables us to self-perform a large share of our projects, including structural concrete, steel erection, hoisting, and installation of piping and process equipment.
Our capabilities ensure reliable and cost-effective performance for our clients. We also remain flexible in our construction delivery methods to meet our clients' needs while continue to practice our philosophy of

symbiosis, which will enrich human life and harmonize nature with humankind.

Why use An Quy Hung to manage your capital project?

Clients around the world trust An Quy Hung with the management of their capital projects because:

  • 1. We are specialists in the apparel industry.
  • 2. We are cheaper, because we drive down the cost of equipment and buildings.
  • 3. We are quicker, because we have full range of equipment, key material production and we have market intelligence for local and international Code & Standard.
  • 4. We offer turnkey project management, so we take all the stress off your shoulders.
  • 5. We ensure you have the right equipment, not just what suppliers want to sell you.
  • 6. We are independent of suppliers, so we have no loyalties, only recommendations.
  • 7. We give you security of international contracts.
  • 8. We have cultural understanding, wherever you are in the world.
  • 9. We give you continuity of support, helping you create a successful business.
  • 10. Our engineers have a good understanding of the food and beverage markets.
Interested in finding out more?

Contact us by calling our head office in Vietnam 84-904622818 during Vietnam office hours (08:30-17:30) and we will route you through to the appropriate person. Alternatively, fill in your details in the Contact us form at the bottom of this page and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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(Showcases:Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power plant)