An Quy Hung Co., Ltd is a professional contractor in the construction field with its clear declaration to his partners:


Pursuant to the aboved - statement, we undertake:


- All company's operations and products are under the quality management system, Quality standards, Environment standards as such: ISO 9001- 2000, SA 8000: 2001, 5S…


- The firm always has its policy for garthering and training of high qualified, professional human resources day by day as well as solidarity for sustainable development.


- Always to improve, renovate and invest in advance facilities and equipment in accordance with the development of the time.


- Equal cooperation, being goodwill, respecting of fairness and vouch for mutual benefit among the parties.


We declare the quality management policy as our commitment to all our esteemed partners that we have been bringing You the best and the safest construction works matching with the proposed schedule so that make prestige and reputation of An Quy Hung whose brand name shall be ever associated with high quality, best schedule and safe building constructions.