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Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Trên nền tảng là đội ngũ hàng ngàn cán bộ, kỹ sư, chuyên gia, cùng lực lượng công nhân viên tâm huyết, năng động sáng tạo, đoàn kết và được hỗ trợ bởi hệ thống máy móc trang thiết bị đầu tư mới, hiện đại, đầy đủ, quản lý theo quy trình chất lượng ISO 9001, An Quý Hưng cam kết đáp ứng được tất cả các yêu cầu thi công nhà máy đa dạng của khách hàng.   …

Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

Our ultimate goal is to grow continuously; An Quy Hung shall keep moving forward with the aim of becoming a top Design & Build Contractor in Vietnam and in TOP 100 of AEC in the year of 2020 …

How we work

How we work

In construction of Design and Build of the projects by FDI in Vietnam, we understand what we want and how we work to obtain the best works. Thus, we have won the confidence and admiration of the foreign investors in big scale and complicated projects.   Why should you believe in us? A leading Vietnamese enterprise in technical designing and building.   Fully meet the demands of design consultant and EPC contract.   More than 1000 staff and employees …

Line of business

Being a professional contractor in construction of civil and industrial projects; for over 17 years, An Quy Hung Company Limited has satisfied many big FDI investors from Jan pan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia countries…with the slogan “Your satisfaction, Our glory”

With the solution “Design & Build”, the Investors may estimate reasonable budget right from the early stage of the projects, which help save time from tendering as well as shorten the overall schedule of the project then reduce the management costs. Thus, An Quy Hung has focused and strongly developed the “Design & Build” model with the aim of bringing much more value to the Investors.

We help the foreign investors to make and prepare documents and necessary procedures to obtain the investment certificate to their project; consultant in investing application and investment incentive in Vietnam…

Not only a general contractor, but also we are a producer and a supplier of building materials such as fresh concrete, pre-cast concrete products, super-light panel named Dura light panel. Those materials have economic efficiency and widely used in our construction works, which help saving costs and time in building.

Owning advantages in being a general contractor, An Quy Hung improves and expands his business scopes in Real estate investment. The number of outstanding projects has affirmed his judicious development orientation in this field.

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